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Slopes of lines worksheet


Slopes of lines worksheet

10. Show that the curve has no tangent line with slope 4. 11. Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve that is parallel to the line . 12. Find equations of both lines that are tangent to the curve and are parallel to the line . 13. Find a parabola with equation that has slope 4 at , slope -8 at , and passes through the point . 14. Evaluate

The Slope of this line 3 3 1 So the Slope is equal to 1 The Slope of this line 4 2 2 The line is steeper and so the Slope is larger. SubscribeFree Worksheet from Kut. You can also use this method if you are given two points on the line without having the line.

-4 lines that have positive slope-4 lines that have negative slope-2 lines with undefined slope-2 lines with zero slope. After they create their design and a list of equations that make that design, I have students switch with each other and try to complete the other person's design from the list of equations.