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Berger 168 vld 300 win mag

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Berger 168 vld 300 win mag

300 Win Mag; 300 WSM; 303 British; ... Berger 7mm 168gr VLD Target (100Pk) 28401 679459284011 ... 7d ago 18m ago Eurooptic: Berger 7mm 168 Gr VLD Target Bullets (100 ...

HSM / Hunting Shack Inc HSM Ammunition TG .300 Win Mag 185 Grains Berger Match Hunting VLD 20-Pk HSM Ammo TG .300 Win Mag 185Gr Berger Match Hunting VLD 20-Pk Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum Bullet Type: Match Hunting VLD Bullet Weight In GRAINS: 185 GRAINS Cartridges Per Box: 20 Boxes Per Case: ... 7 Rem Mag/Win brass/168 SMK/Retumbo load. CBTO 2.790 kissing lands COAL 3.357 kissing lands Fire-form win brass(hsm factory ammo) Headspace set at left at 2.111″ Trim 2.490″ Primer fed match 215 Retumbo powder 168gr 7mm .284″ SMK bullet. OCW was found at 69.6 grains of Retumbo At 100 yards. 3 shots 69.3, .411″ moa, 3 shots 69.6, .590 ...

In my 300 wby (the winny is very close) my stout 210 grain hunting and accuracy load recoils very close to my old 168 hpbt speer load. Same speer powder charge but topped with a 168 Berger vld (less bearing surface) and the recoil is considerably less.